What we do!


IBCO Services Limited is a specialist in the procurement of engineering equipment as well as technical components and materials. Be it planned or adhoc procurement we are up to the task and we deliver in good time.
IBCO Services Limited has continuously procured and supplied engineering equipment and components as well as technical materials / products to majority of clients.

This equipment and components includes but not limited to the following:
  • Bearings, High Speed Precision Gears and Couplings
  • Pumps, Spares and Pumping Stations
  • Electric Motor & Electrical Switchgear and Relays
  • Valves, Gaskets and Flanges, Pipeline and Flange Insulation Kits.
  • Filters & Filtration Systems
  • Computer & Electronic Materials
  • Gauges & Transducers.
  • Safety and Work wear
  • Etc

 IBCO Services Limited goes further to offer professional field support services in terms of installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and
operation of the engineering equipment.

We also provide after-sales services on OEM products and services procured through us.

It is worthy to note that IBCO Services Limited is the SOLE AUTHORIZED AGENT for RENK GmbH for the entire Cement Industry in Nigeria.

RENK GmbH is global leader in the design and manufacturing of robust & rugged bearings, high speed precision gear boxes and couplings for
the global cement industry.

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